How To Land a TEDx TALK on Sale for $47.00
How To Land a TEDx TALK on Sale for $47.00
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Yolanda's Story



Yolanda Flournah-Perkins, is known as the 'Hope and Influence Communicator'.  She teach FORMERLY INCARCERATED INDIVIDUALS how to turn their adversities into opportunities by transforming their powerful, inspirational stories into bestselling books and lucrative speaking engagements. 

Yolanda’s senior year in college, the semester she was scheduled to graduate, she was sentenced to 3 years in Federal prison.

As part of her reentry back into society, Yolanda was required to spend 3 months in a federal halfway house.  While at the halfway house, she struggled with finding a job because no one wanted to hire a convicted felon.  She filled out over 250 job applications until she was finally given a second chance.    

The day Yolanda was released from the halfway house, she contacted the university she had attended prior to her  incarceration, to re enroll.  Unfortunately, Yolanda was denied readmission by that university. 

Eventually, she was accepted into Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters degree in Health Services Administration.  She furthered her education at Nova Southeastern University where she earned a Masters degree in Human Resource Management. In June 2019, Yolanda will receive her Doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University.  

Yolanda resides in southwest Florida with her husband, Dwight and two kids.